Legato emerges!


Welcome to Legato!  We are a new company with the vision of providing virtual collaboration and virtual care to the masses.  We believe that having a robust collaboration platform should be easily accessible without long and expensive contracts that can cost your business thousands or millions of dollars every year. 

Remote team collaboration is mandatory now.  Virtual care is now a norm.  Legato is a managed service with an incredible team who understands the business and clinical needs of organizations.  It’s base software is based on an open-source platform known as Rocket.Chat.  However, Legato has been enhanced to support various practitioner and patient roles.  A virtual waiting room provides patients a way to communicate with their physician.  Healthcare practitioners are being asked to work in teams across multiple care settings and organizations to provide care during a patient’s journey.   Legato allows teams to come together virtually based how they prefer to work.  

Legato is growing and seeking further feedback as we continually seek feedback from our stakeholders and users.  If you wish to see a demo or register for an account, please contact us!  

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