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Product Features


Team collaboration

Assembly your own care team.  This can be a health team organized around a patient case or you can assign delegates

Virtual Visits

See your patients by video or secured messaging.  Instant secured messaging and high definition video provides the convenience for patients who are at home.  Virtual encounters are logged, and billing reports can be generated.

Team communication

You can private chat, create groups or broadcast messages to your care team or patients.

Waiting Room

You and your care team can enable a waiting room for your patients. Care team members are notified when the patient arrives.  Patients can then be seen when they are ready without the need for strict timeslots – just like in person!

Legato is a private and secured team collaboration platform. Legato is HIPAA, PHIPA, GDPR compliant. All your data is encrypted and only accessible by you.  We will never use your information or share it with any third party. This service is currently open to the public for trial purposes.  If you prefer not to use the public-cloud version, the product can be white labelled, customized and deploy to a private server on premise or in the cloud.

Extensible Platform

Powered by Rocket.Chat. Legato is an enterprise grade collaboration platform that has been enhanced for health care workers who need to work virtually. Virtual visits with your patients or customers, live support and triaging and a virtual waiting room have been added to support virtual clinic use cases. The platform is extensible. With integration hooks to many business tools, app store and framework, Legato can be enhanced to allow you to “plug-in” addons like online patient bookings, virtual doctors e.g. machine learning based triage and diagnosis features, chat bots and integration with leading communication tools like Microsoft Teams.  Legato’s platform and team will support your enterprise identity and access needs with Active directory, OAuth, OID connectors and ensure your business is secured and always operational.

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Company Information

LegatoMD is managed by a motivated team of health care professionals. Located in Toronto, Canada, our goal is to lower the barrier to digital health tools making care team collaboration and virtual visits as common and easy as 1-2-3.


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